Securing The Cloud

How do you secure the cloud?

Protecting Amazon S3 Data from Ransomware

Learn how to to protect your Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) data from ransomware attacks.

Automatically create AWS IAM policies

AWS Identity & Access Managament (IAM) can now generate a policy based on previous event history!

How to secure Amazon S3: latest best practices

Learn how to secure your Amazon (AWS) S3 buckets and objects following these latest best practices in 2021.

How to securely create an AWS Account for personal use

It's very important to follow best practices when creating an AWS account, even for personal use.

AWS Well-Architected best practices important for infrastructure protection

AWS Well-Architected best practices for infrastructure protection that you must follow.

AWS Well-Architected best practices important for detection

AWS Well-Architected best practices for detection that you must follow.

Your One New Years Resolution in AWS should be...

The one best practice recommendation for AWS you should follow and focus on .

How To Use AWS Security Hub To Automate Best Practices

You can be more secure in AWS by following best practice recommendations, and AWS Security Hub can automatically check your resources and infrastrucure.

How To Run Cyber Incident Response Simulations (Game Days) in AWS

Practicing your response to a cyber security incident will help you learn and improve your incident response processes.

How to Secure AWS Account Root User - Best Practices

Protecting your AWS account root user is critical, these simple steps will help you secure your account following the real Well-Architected best practices.

How To Fix Exposed AWS Credentials

AWS access keys and passwords grant access to your account. Follow these steps if your access key is lost or compromised to stop it from being misused.

Amazon EC2 VS AWS Lambda Security

What's more secure: Amazon EC2 or AWS Lambda?

How to setup a serverless blog securely on AWS without WordPress

WordPress is popular, but has a cost for hosting and security issues. Using Hugo and AWS you can learn how setup a more secure and cheaper alternative.